Meridian DSP5500 replace Genelec speakers2018-06-18

DSP5500 installation
After some testing we decided to completely replace the 5 main Genelec active speakers with the Meridian DSP5500 set.

R.I.P. Sony 12722018-06-12

sony 1272 decom
We needed space in our box/device storage room... so our old Sony 1272 had to go.

Meridian DSP5500 buying, transport and test2018-06-11

DSP5500 temporary setup
We picked up the Meridian DSP5500 set in Zurich today... was some heavy lifting!
We temporarily set up the DSPs next to the existing Genelec speakers. This way we can do a basic A/B compare first.

Meridian DSP5500 speaker set offer2018-05-18

dsp5500 offer
A friend is selling a nice Meridian DSP5500 speaker set due to an upcoming move.
We've been quite happy with our current speaker setup but this offer is just too good to resist.

Fabric wall covering2017-09-24

We finally covered more of the walls with black fabric to enhance the screen contrast and movie experience.

Genelec 7071A subwoofer #22017-08-30

Got another Genelec 7071A subwoofer

Genelec 7071A subwoofer2017-08-24

sub 7071 sub 7071
We found a music studio that was closing down and selling it's audio gear. They were offering two Genelec 1038CF and a Genelec 7071A subwoofer. The 1038CF were not so interesting for us because they only go down to 50Hz. But we had to get the 2x12" sub. First tests are quite promising ;)

Genelec sub position test2017-03-18

sub pos test
We're trying to find the best location for the sub. Putting it closer to the wall should enhance the low end power.