The beginning (November 98 - February 99)1999-02-01

In November 1998 my two friends and I were (very) lucky to find a unused cellar for our Home Cinema. It's about 7m long, 4m wide and 3m high.

First of all we had to move out all the tables and chairs that were stored in it. Then we repainted all the walls and doors and put in a pretty cheap :) carpet. We got some nice wooden boards for all of the equipment. The chairs are from a cinema that closed down in Basel. Since we didn't want to have our beamer in the way all the time it had to be installed on the ceiling.

Then I thought we'd be finished at Christmas... but when we tested the sound, there were a lot of echos. After a long time of reading tips about acoustics we decided to ask a professional! He showed us how to make special sound absorbing we got the material and started building. The more we put in the better it got!

By the end of February we were finaly getting finished. Another problem we had was the air in the room. The ventilation system could either be run manualy (very hard) or electricly (380V)...but there was no plug. We had an electrician install a cable from another room.

At the moment we're optimizing the video and sound system and of course: watching movies :)

(On the right: Thuety enjoying...)

old room

old beamer