from 5.1 to 7.1 speaker setup2001-11-02

We have now added side speakers to our setup. Pans from front to rear and circle surround sequences are much better. Music also benefits from a 7.1 configuration by filling the room with ambient sound.

New Meridian components...2001-11-01

568 568 details
The 565 has been replaced with a 568. This brings the following features: DTS decoding, DD EX, Pro Logic II. Most important to us was the vastly improved bass management that allows you to specify the sub behavior in Music, Logic and Digital mode. The sub crossover can now be adjusted in single Hz steps. This processor definitively has a more spacious sound field and offers even more detail than the 565. It's fully PC configurable and makes software/firmware updates a pleasure! Fantastic system...

Changes between 1999 and 2001...2001-08-01

Over the years we've been upgrading our system, here you can see some of the changes...
box rear
We built a wooden box around the beamer (9" Sony 1292) because of the noise it causes. The old software shelf was moved to the back of the room. I built a new and bigger shelf for the main titles.
front cabasse
Here's my friend cello taking off the cover of my "new" old main loudspeakers (active "Cabasse Brigantin 3 VTA" built around 1975). They look pretty strange but sound very good!
Our equipment is now in a used 19" rack for easier recabling! We put in some wood to fill out the empty spaces.

Our stuff from top to bottom:
- center amp [genelec 1038]
- video switcher/doubler [sony]
- surround processor [meridian 565]
- audio input switcher [meridian 562]
- cd transport [meridian 500]
- dvd player [sony dvp-7700]
- ld/dvd player [pioneer DVL-700]
- s-vhs recoder [jvc]
- dvd htpc [homemade, mpact2 mpeg decoder]
7 of the 8 chairs we got from a cinema in Basel...
anime main
On the left the "anime" shelf with about 290 discs.
And on the right the "hollywood" shelf that can hold 700 dvd (about 280 used)