replaced dvd-rom with liteon ltd-166s2002-11-23

Liteon dvdrom
  • DVDROM maximum Data Transfer Rate 21600KB/sec(16X) pure CAV1
  • CDROM maximum Data Transfer Rate 7200KB/sec(48X) pure CAV1
  • Average access time DVD Ø100 ms ; CD Ø80 ms
  • Access all format DVD-ROM/R/RW ,CD-ROM/R/RW title & disc
  • Auto Balance System (ABS) design reduce vibration & noise
  • Standard ATAPI/E-IDE interface supporting Ultra DMA/33

Tice PB III C Power conditioner installed2002-10-19

After 4 days of work we've now installed our new (directly imported) Tice PB III C Power conditioner and "Infinite Speed" power cables. After break in we expect a noticeable improvement of audio quality and detail.

new dimmer2002-10-18

telume Main lighting now with the versatile "Lutron Telume dimmer"... (LEDs provide light level reading at a glance - advanced technology reduceds noise and ensures reliability - delay to Off time adjustable up to 60 seconds - capable of controlling up to 500watts load - can be opperated via most learning remote controls i.e Marantz & Philips Prontos via downloadable .ccf files)

beamer hushbox upgrade2002-09-07

Opening and closing the beamer housing for maintenance has always required a great deal of energy. Only with the help of 4 strong people, 2 tables, some ladders and nerves of steel were we able to lower/lift and position the 50kg/100lbs box! But now have a solution that is much easier and only needs 2 people... Cello built two very durable angel irons with hinges. We carefully screwed them to the back of the box and into the ceiling. The result is fantastic... after taking out the main fixation screws you can now flip open the whole box.

TEST Tice PB3 power conditioner2002-08-30

Tice pb3c We're currently testing this power conditioner and were astonished at the audio quality boost it makes! Since this is the "HighPower" version it can provide a total of 4200W over 14 sockets which is enough for our setup. We're really thinking about getting this solid piece of equipment, if it just wasn't for the $2900 price tag...

black cloth to darken ceiling2002-08-30

black cloth After reading a tip in avsforum about optimizing picture black levels: "If you are really serious about getting the most out of your CRT, make every surface in the room as dark as possible" we decided to enhance our setup...

Nintaus Firmware update...2002-07-18

First working firmware update available for the Nintaus PDVD-9769.
features of the new firmware:
  • The zoom function on PAL-discs is locked (probably because it couldn't be fixed).
  • The Picture controls is much better now! You can increase "edges" two-three steps without the image becoming totally disrupted like before. The player remembers these settings when switching disc!
  • overall image quality improved (opinion "dasithlord")
Problems not addressed:
  • mpeg glitches and audio dropouts (can be solved by replacing drive)
  • vga shift bug
  • bad step forward
  • subtitle instability

Selling of code 1 dvds prohibited in Switzerland (1. August 2002)...2002-07-10

anime sale at UOE The picture shows a rather large anime dvd order I just received from my favorite swiss dvd-shop. They're having a huge region 1 dvd sale because: As of the 1st of August it is prohibited to sell/rent region 1 dvds in Switzerland. It is still allowed to privately import them from USA/Canada. The rule is part of the copyright law: "Das Werkexemplar eines audiovisuellen Werkes darf nur weiterveräussert oder sonswie verbreitet werden, wenn der Urheber oder die Urheberin es im Inland veräussert oder der Veräusserung im Inland zugestimmt hat"... meaning "visual art may only be shown/processed if the copyright holder releases it in the local market or gives the ok to do so". It is unlikely that the right owners will allow the selling of region 1 dvds. By changing these rules Switzerland is complying with European regulations. There were announcements that some big companies that still sell imported dvds will be prosecuted in order to scare others off. Also imports could be confiscated at customs. PC Mediag Gmbh, a big distributor in Switzerland has already terminated the selling of imports.
I guess it back to direct imports for me and many others :(

Nintaus modification!2002-06-16

nintaus mod After reading Swordfisch's post in AVSForum about replacing the bad dvd-rom I had to try it myself! I took my old Creative 2X drive (1997) and hooked it up to the standard IDE interface. I played one dvd after another without the usual mpeg glitches :) After over 8h of perfect playback I asked my friend if he might be able to do a permanent replacement.

We've upgraded our htpc...2002-06-01

ATI Radeon 7200

Spacewalker AV18e


- desktop atx full size case
- Spacewalker AV18e atx celeron mainboard
- boxed Celeron 1000 256kb cache, 100mhz bus
- 128mb pc-1xx sdram
- ATI Radeon 7200, fanless
- Creative SB Live Platinum coax/opt spdif
- Asus 8x atapi dvd-rom

- Win98
- Zoomplayer 2.6 final
- ATI 7.6 cinemaster video
- WinDVD 4.0 DD/DTS passthrough audio
- ATI video driver build 9016!
- Resolution 720x480 @ 71.9Hz

new cables for LCR...2002-04-01

Transparent Reference We've upgraded the left, center and right channel speaker interconnects:
left/right speaker from Link 200 to "Reference"
center speaker from Link 200 to "Super" (balanced)

Sony IFB-112002-04-01

Sony IFB-11 I made some scans of the Sony IFB-11 Service Manual...
- main description
- jumper layout
- jumper description

Nintaus has arrived...2002-03-26

Nintaus 9769 Nintaus 9769 back Nintaus 9769 top
Nintaus PDVD-N9769...
- supports: DVD-Video, CD, Video CD, CD-Rom (MP-3), CD-R
- output: Progressive-scan Component/VGA (480p)
- Sage/Faroudja FLI2200 de-interlacer

I imported this player directly from (china) because it's one of the few player that support progressive VGA output. The current firmware has various bugs (mpeg glitches / bad step forward etc).

Dates from China to Switzerland: ordered 02/16, shipped 03/21, received 03/25
Total costs: player was $225 (hivizone), postage was $87, tax/customs was 85CHF (about $50)

recabling of center speaker...2002-02-01

center speaker Cello wasn't happy with the standard cables used in and to our center speaker (Genelec 1038ac). The main cable between the amp and case was 10m long (low quality connectors). The wires inside also had a small diameter. So he ripped them out, removed the external plugs, took some good monster cables, added new amp connecters and soldered one end directly on the 4 chassis. What a difference it made! Until then mono dsp always sounded dull and flat, but not anymore... it's like having a better speaker!

more used components...2002-01-01

rack3 rack1 rack2
Here you can see a rack full of used components. We took out the s-vhs player, the trinitron monitor and the 1271 video switcher (anyone want the rest?)