Meridian 598 CD/DVD player2003-11-07

Meridian 598 in rack Replacing the Meridian 500...

- Formats: DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, CD, VCD, CVCD and MP3 discs
- Audio: Encrypted digital audio output via MHR Smart Link
- Video: Composite, S and Component/RGB video outputs

Meridian 861 installed2003-08-30

Meridian 861 in rack What a beautiful view...!

As you can see we had to remove some of the rack's side railing to fit the 861. There would have been a rack mount version but it costs $1000 more and it has to be mounted without the black housing (looks bad)... so we decided to get the standard version of the 861 instead.
Also.. notice the stone shelves.

It's been about 1 week and we're really happy with the processor. It beats every other system we've ever had even though we haven't set up the "room correction" yet... very recommended!

Meridian 861 arrives2003-08-22

861 front861 rear
We finally have the current top of the line Meridian Surround Processor.

Meridian 568 sold2003-08-16

In the process of upgrading the the 861 we had to part with our beloved 568...

TEST Krell Showcase Processor2003-08-09

Krell info homepage
"The Showcase is Krell's fifth generation surround sound preamp/processor, delivering the benefits of almost a decade of experience in the development of reference-quality High End Audio Theater systems. With the latest in surround sound technologies, a proprietary digital room equalizer, and an exceptional preamplifier section, the Showcase processor extends the KAV Series' tradition of Krell engineering and affordability to a new generation."
Compaired to the Meridian 568:
  • better ergonomics (front panel)
  • more in/outputs
  • front display hard to read
  • has room EQ but hard to configure (do it yourself)
  • offers all the new dsps/standards

TEST Tag McLaren AV192R2003-03-22

AV192R front
Our newest toy to play with... the Tag McLaren AV192R.
This fully equipped version even has DVI-switching, nice...

Chair renovation... first row2003-02-05

chair 1 chair 2 chair 3 chair 4
We thought our chair might look nicer without the awful paint they had.
Scraping the paint of is a very time consuming task, but we hope it will be worth it...