DVI DVD player OPPO OPDV971H2005-05-18

OPDV971H I got this $200 DVI dvd player because it combines a good Mediatek mpeg decoder and a FLI2310 deinterlacer. The FLI chips are currently the best way to watch non-film video material (most tv shows, concerts and anime). But the best feature this player has is it's HDCP free DVI output. I need this because the Lumagen scaler is only allowed to convert digital content to analog if the source has no protection.
This player reads about every disc you throw at it, has divx playback and is even firmware upgradable... more information at Oppo Digital

Nintaus damaged2005-03-08

Nintaus damage Unfortunately the Nintaus dvd player has partially died (flickering blue)...

Lumagen fully integrated into system2005-02-13

Lumagen installation The source components are now all hooked up to the Lumagen scaler (video / s-video / component / rgbhv / sdi). The deinterlaced and scaled video is then output by the Sony 1292 using 5 very short cables (rgbhv). We placed the scaler close to the projector to keep the signal digital for as long as possible... 9m sdi and 1m analog).

Meridian 598 SDI mod installed2005-02-10

PMS SDI kit I received a package from Hongkong today...
the PMS BT656Pro SDI DIY kit ($150).

We had everything ready, installed the kit into the Meridian 598, made the connection to the scaler and were anxciously waiting to see if we get a picture... taadaaa, it worked :)

received a firmware update from Lumagen2005-02-03

The firmware update Lumagen sent us seems to have fixed the problem we were having, great support!

trouble with VisionProHDP2005-01-30

VisionProHDP error 1 VisionProHDP error 2
We have a stability problem with our unit. We sent a report to Lumagen support...

received Lumagen VisionProHDP2005-01-15

VisionProHDP front VisionProHDP back
Bought a Lumagen VisionProHDP scaler to replace the HTPC.