Oppo BDP-80 installation2010-03-07

Installed Oppo BDP-80 Kung Fu Panda
Installing the player was very simple, just had to change a few settings: HDMI YCbCr 422, source direct, HDMI PCM audio.
First Blu-ray I watched was Kung Fu Panda... highly recommended for it's lossless audio quality... very nice.

Oppo BDP-80 Mulitregion Kit2010-03-04

Oppo BDP-80 Mulitregion Kit This kit enables all-region playback of both DVD and Bluray. The DVD playback is automatically regionfree, and bluray region can be selected with the remote. This hardware kit is guaranteed to work with all existing and upcoming firmwares from Oppo.
More information at Bluraychip.dk

Oppo BDP-80 arrived2010-03-02

Oppo BDP-80 A Oppo BDP-80 B Oppo BDP-80 C

Oppo BDP-80 ordered2010-02-24

Oppo BDP-80
Finally decided to get this player.. the small version of the Oppo BDP-83.
Main difference being the missing ABT2010 video scaler which I don't need.
More information at OPPO Digital

TEST Pioneer BDP-3202010-02-06

Pioneer BDP-320 We could use the Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray player to test the new lossless audio formats TrueHD and DTS-MA with the HD621 audio processor.

Meridian HD621 installation2010-02-06

Meridian HD621 Installing the HD621 was a little bit tricky because I had to reconfigure the Meridian 861. But after that it's very simple to use. You can select the HDMI input manually or assign them to each 861 input. I was quite happy with the sound when listening to some demo blu-rays (Transformers, Fifth Element, I Robot). I'm looking forward to watching a complete movie :)

Meridian HD621 ordered2010-01-01

Meridian HD621 The Meridian HD621 HDMI Audio Processor is the vital link between your Meridian system and the latest sources with HDMI outputs. Many components today supply both audio and video via the same HDMI cable, which compromises quality. The HD621 separates the HDMI signal from up to six sources into its audio and video elements, maximizing the audio quality and delivering it to your Meridian system free of video pollution, while the video content is fed direct to the display via a single cable. The HD621 performs up- and down-sampling of digital audio and includes Meridian's unique apodising system to ensure the very best sound from today's varied sources. Meridian's FIFO buffering technology removes HDMI jitter, consistently delivering a significant improvement in audio quality from all your HDMI sources. More information at Meridian Audio