Finishing touches and clean up2016-12-24

screen install vw550es install 4
- The new screen was installed on top of the old one
- We're using a new 15m HDMI cable which should be able to handle the HDMI 2.0 signal (up to 18GBit/s)
- And also a new power cable was made, all with the help of

Replaced Oppo BDP-103 with Oppo BDP-2032016-12-24

Upgrade from the Oppo BDP-103 FullHD Blu-ray player to the new UHD Blu-ray player Oppo BDP-203

Screen install2016-12-23

screen install screen install
We received and put together the new 3.2m 21:9 screen.

Sony 1292 Ricardo auction2016-12-21

Ricardo auction
The final bid was CHF 46 (about $45).

Moving Anime DVD2016-12-19

DVD move DVD move DVD move
Freeing up storage space by moving out my Anime DVD collection.

Sony VPL VW-550ES installation2016-12-18

Sony VPL VW-550ES unboxing Sony VPL VW-550ES install ceiling Sony VPL VW-550ES 0 hours
The installation of the Sony VPL VW-550ES was quite easy using the special ceiling mount. The projector was set up with an angle to the ceiling, matching that of the current screen... preventing any keystone issues. The picture is now much brighter and more sharp than before. Nice :)

Prepairing for new projector2016-12-11

Installation of the new ceiling mount by

Remove Meridian MF10 and Sony 12922016-12-10

MF10 1292 box 1292
We've decided to replace the Meridian MF10 projector with the new Sony VPL-VW550ES.
So we removed the MF10, took down the 1292 hushbox (60kg) and also the 1292 (90kg).

Meridian 861 fixed2016-11-25

Meridian 800-C00
The random restarts of Meridian 861 processor are gone since we swaped out the broken 800-C00 card.

G68 repair2016-11-05

G68 repair
Trying to temporarily replace the broken Meridian 861 with a spare G68.
Unfortunately it also seems to have the random restart problem.

Meridian 861 broken2016-07-20

Meridian 861 defect
Meridian 861 processor does random restarts and has display errors :(