Sub position test2017-03-18

sub pos test
We're trying to find the best location for the sub. Putting it closer to the wall should enhance the low end power.

Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 installation2017-03-15

src2496 install
Installed the Behringer SRC2496 to replace the temporary signal conversion for the Genelec sub (AES/EBU).

Subwoofer Ricardo auction2017-02-17

sub ricardo

Genelec 7270A SAM subwoofer test2017-02-10

sub test
Connecting the Genelec 7270A sub was quite tricky because it only has digital inputs (AES/EBU). Using a PC with M-Audio 1010LT PCI soundcard we could convert the Meridian 861 sub out to coax S/PDIF (0.5V/75Ohm), and then with a Neutrik impedance transformer to XLR AES/EBU (5V/110Ohm). The sub worked quite well in most scenes, but unfortunately the overload protection kicked in quite often... I guess the 250W amp just isn't strong enough for our room. Maybe the successor, the 7370A with its 400W amp could be ok.