Meridian DSP5500 replace Genelec speakers2018-06-18

DSP5500 installation
After some testing we decided to completely replace the 5 main Genelec active speakers with the Meridian DSP5500 set.

R.I.P. Sony 12722018-06-12

sony 1272 decom
We needed space in our box/device storage room... so our old Sony 1272 had to go.

Meridian DSP5500 buying, transport and test2018-06-11

DSP5500 temporary setup
We picked up the Meridian DSP5500 set in Zurich today... was some heavy lifting!
We temporarily set up the DSPs next to the existing Genelec speakers. This way we can do a basic A/B compare first.

Meridian DSP5500 speaker set offer2018-05-18

dsp5500 offer
A friend is selling a nice Meridian DSP5500 speaker set due to an upcoming move.
We've been quite happy with our current speaker setup but this offer is just too good to resist.

Fabric wall covering2017-09-24

We finally covered more of the walls with black fabric to enhance the screen contrast and movie experience.

Genelec 7071A subwoofer #22017-08-30

Got another Genelec 7071A subwoofer

Genelec 7071A subwoofer2017-08-24

sub 7071 sub 7071
We found a music studio that was closing down and selling it's audio gear. They were offering two Genelec 1038CF and a Genelec 7071A subwoofer. The 1038CF were not so interesting for us because they only go down to 50Hz. But we had to get the 2x12" sub. First tests are quite promising ;)

Genelec sub position test2017-03-18

sub pos test
We're trying to find the best location for the sub. Putting it closer to the wall should enhance the low end power.

Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 installation2017-03-15

src2496 install
Installed the Behringer SRC2496 to replace the temporary signal conversion for the Genelec sub (AES/EBU).

Subwoofer Ricardo auction2017-02-17

sub ricardo
Selling the old self made sub...

Genelec 7270A SAM subwoofer test2017-02-10

sub test
Connecting the Genelec 7270A sub was quite tricky because it only has digital inputs (AES/EBU). Using a PC with M-Audio 1010LT PCI soundcard we could convert the Meridian 861 sub out to coax S/PDIF (0.5V/75Ohm), and then with a Neutrik impedance transformer to XLR AES/EBU (5V/110Ohm). The sub worked quite well in most scenes, but unfortunately the overload protection kicked in quite often... I guess the 250W amp just isn't strong enough for our room. Maybe the successor, the 7370A with its 400W amp could be ok.

Finishing touches and clean up2016-12-24

screen install vw550es install 4
- The new screen was installed on top of the old one
- We're using a new 15m HDMI cable which should be able to handle the HDMI 2.0 signal (up to 18GBit/s)
- And also a new power cable was made, all with the help of

Replaced Oppo BDP-103 with Oppo BDP-2032016-12-24

Upgrade from the Oppo BDP-103 FullHD Blu-ray player to the new UHD Blu-ray player Oppo BDP-203

Screen install2016-12-23

screen install screen install
We received and put together the new 3.2m 21:9 screen.

Sony 1292 Ricardo auction2016-12-21

Ricardo auction
The final bid was CHF 46 (about $45).

Moving Anime DVD2016-12-19

DVD move DVD move DVD move
Freeing up storage space by moving out my Anime DVD collection.

Sony VPL VW-550ES installation2016-12-18

Sony VPL VW-550ES unboxing Sony VPL VW-550ES install ceiling Sony VPL VW-550ES 0 hours
The installation of the Sony VPL VW-550ES was quite easy using the special ceiling mount. The projector was set up with an angle to the ceiling, matching that of the current screen... preventing any keystone issues. The picture is now much brighter and more sharp than before. Nice :)

Prepairing for new projector2016-12-11

Installation of the new ceiling mount by

Remove Meridian MF10 and Sony 12922016-12-10

MF10 1292 box 1292
We've decided to replace the Meridian MF10 projector with the new Sony VPL-VW550ES.
So we removed the MF10, took down the 1292 hushbox (60kg) and also the 1292 (90kg).

Meridian 861 fixed2016-11-25

Meridian 800-C00
The random restarts of Meridian 861 processor are gone since we swaped out the broken 800-C00 card.

G68 repair2016-11-05

G68 repair
Trying to temporarily replace the broken Meridian 861 with a spare G68.
Unfortunately it also seems to have the random restart problem.

Meridian 861 broken2016-07-20

Meridian 861 defect
Meridian 861 processor does random restarts and has display errors :(

Oppo BDP-103 installation2013-05-19

Installed Oppo BDP-103
This player has a real high quality feel to it. The setup up was a joy compared to other players. There are loads of new functions (we couldn't test them all because we don't have an internet connection). After watching some movies we found that the PCM output is quite different compared to the BDP-80. We're not sure if the decoder is different or that we're finally hearing the full loss-less audio... any way it looks and sounds very good. More information at OPPO Digital

Meridian MF10 installation2012-06-09

Meridian MF10
We couldn't mount the MF10 directly to the ceiling. We had to connect it under the current projector housing (Sony 1292). This allows us to switch between projectors at any time.

Oppo BDP-80 installation2010-03-07

Installed Oppo BDP-80 Kung Fu Panda
Installing the player was very simple, just had to change a few settings: HDMI YCbCr 422, source direct, HDMI PCM audio.
First Blu-ray I watched was Kung Fu Panda... highly recommended for it's lossless audio quality... very nice.

Oppo BDP-80 Mulitregion Kit2010-03-04

Oppo BDP-80 Mulitregion Kit This kit enables all-region playback of both DVD and Bluray. The DVD playback is automatically regionfree, and bluray region can be selected with the remote. This hardware kit is guaranteed to work with all existing and upcoming firmwares from Oppo.
More information at

Oppo BDP-80 arrived2010-03-02

Oppo BDP-80 A Oppo BDP-80 B Oppo BDP-80 C

Oppo BDP-80 ordered2010-02-24

Oppo BDP-80
Finally decided to get this player.. the small version of the Oppo BDP-83.
Main difference being the missing ABT2010 video scaler which I don't need.
More information at OPPO Digital

TEST Pioneer BDP-3202010-02-06

Pioneer BDP-320 We could use the Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray player to test the new lossless audio formats TrueHD and DTS-MA with the HD621 audio processor.

Meridian HD621 installation2010-02-06

Meridian HD621 Installing the HD621 was a little bit tricky because I had to reconfigure the Meridian 861. But after that it's very simple to use. You can select the HDMI input manually or assign them to each 861 input. I was quite happy with the sound when listening to some demo blu-rays (Transformers, Fifth Element, I Robot). I'm looking forward to watching a complete movie :)

Meridian HD621 ordered2010-01-01

Meridian HD621 The Meridian HD621 HDMI Audio Processor is the vital link between your Meridian system and the latest sources with HDMI outputs. Many components today supply both audio and video via the same HDMI cable, which compromises quality. The HD621 separates the HDMI signal from up to six sources into its audio and video elements, maximizing the audio quality and delivering it to your Meridian system free of video pollution, while the video content is fed direct to the display via a single cable. The HD621 performs up- and down-sampling of digital audio and includes Meridian's unique apodising system to ensure the very best sound from today's varied sources. Meridian's FIFO buffering technology removes HDMI jitter, consistently delivering a significant improvement in audio quality from all your HDMI sources. More information at Meridian Audio

Sony 1292 calibration2009-01-17

Full HD Sony 1292 During the long and cold winter nights we found time to recalibrate our main projector... the Sony 1292. With the help of the detailed service manual we were able to get most of the picture focused and as a result we get a much more detailed picture. It's really amazing that a projector that's over 10 year old can display Full HD 1080p.

TEST Pioneer KRF-9000FD2008-05-04

KRF-9000FD KRF-9000FD
KRF-9000FD KRF-9000FD

TEST Sony Pearl VPL-VW50 & Pioneer BDP-LX702007-07-28

pearl pioneer lx70

TEST Sony Ruby VPL-VW1002006-08-25

My friend was able to get a hold of a Sony Ruby demo unit for testing this weekend... The HD vids (720p/1080i) looked fantastic, strong colors and very detailed. I really like the case design.. it's good looking, very stable and easy to set up. You wouldn't think the Ruby uses up to 600 Watt because you can hardly hear it when it's running! The menu system is quite good (I didn't have time to try the PC setup). The remote needs some time to get used to.
ruby side ruby side
ruby back ruby back
I hope the next generation does even better in dark scenes and more importantly I hope they can lower the price ;)

DVI DVD player OPPO OPDV971H2005-05-18

OPDV971H I got this $200 DVI dvd player because it combines a good Mediatek mpeg decoder and a FLI2310 deinterlacer. The FLI chips are currently the best way to watch non-film video material (most tv shows, concerts and anime). But the best feature this player has is it's HDCP free DVI output. I need this because the Lumagen scaler is only allowed to convert digital content to analog if the source has no protection.
This player reads about every disc you throw at it, has divx playback and is even firmware upgradable... more information at Oppo Digital

Nintaus damaged2005-03-08

Nintaus damage Unfortunately the Nintaus dvd player has partially died (flickering blue)...

Lumagen fully integrated into system2005-02-13

Lumagen installation The source components are now all hooked up to the Lumagen scaler (video / s-video / component / rgbhv / sdi). The deinterlaced and scaled video is then output by the Sony 1292 using 5 very short cables (rgbhv). We placed the scaler close to the projector to keep the signal digital for as long as possible... 9m sdi and 1m analog).

Meridian 598 SDI mod installed2005-02-10

PMS SDI kit I received a package from Hongkong today...
the PMS BT656Pro SDI DIY kit ($150).

We had everything ready, installed the kit into the Meridian 598, made the connection to the scaler and were anxciously waiting to see if we get a picture... taadaaa, it worked :)

received a firmware update from Lumagen2005-02-03

The firmware update Lumagen sent us seems to have fixed the problem we were having, great support!

trouble with VisionProHDP2005-01-30

VisionProHDP error 1 VisionProHDP error 2
We have a stability problem with our unit. We sent a report to Lumagen support...

received Lumagen VisionProHDP2005-01-15

VisionProHDP front VisionProHDP back
Bought a Lumagen VisionProHDP scaler to replace the HTPC.

new dvd shelves2004-10-10

shelf 1 shelf 2 shelf 3 shelf 4
Our new cd/dvd/ld shelves

Genelec 1037B as new rear speakers2004-06-01

Genelec 1037b Replacing the Cabasse rears...

We decided to give up the side channels and go back to a 5.1 setup because we thought it be more beneficial having the main speakers from the same manufacturer/line. After getting used to the new setup we've come to the conclusion that it was a good choice :)

Genelec 1038A as new main speakers2004-02-01

Genelec 1038a Replacing the Cabasse Brigantin... same weight (60kg) but alot more power

The Genelec 1038A is a three-way active monitoring system including loudspeaker drivers, speaker enclosure, multiple power amplifiers and active, low signal level crossovers. Designed for medium sized control rooms this system is ideal for project studios, film and video post-production and broadcast monitoring. CD mastering is also tailored for, where broad bandwidth, high SPL's and extended low frequency response are essential. The 1038A is designed to perform well both as a free-standing monitor and flush mounted into the control room wall.

Meridian 598 CD/DVD player2003-11-07

Meridian 598 in rack Replacing the Meridian 500...

- Formats: DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, CD, VCD, CVCD and MP3 discs
- Audio: Encrypted digital audio output via MHR Smart Link
- Video: Composite, S and Component/RGB video outputs

Meridian 861 installed2003-08-30

Meridian 861 in rack What a beautiful view...!

As you can see we had to remove some of the rack's side railing to fit the 861. There would have been a rack mount version but it costs $1000 more and it has to be mounted without the black housing (looks bad)... so we decided to get the standard version of the 861 instead.
Also.. notice the stone shelves.

It's been about 1 week and we're really happy with the processor. It beats every other system we've ever had even though we haven't set up the "room correction" yet... very recommended!

Meridian 861 arrives2003-08-22

861 front861 rear
We finally have the current top of the line Meridian Surround Processor.

Meridian 568 sold2003-08-16

In the process of upgrading the the 861 we had to part with our beloved 568...

TEST Krell Showcase Processor2003-08-09

Krell info homepage
"The Showcase is Krell's fifth generation surround sound preamp/processor, delivering the benefits of almost a decade of experience in the development of reference-quality High End Audio Theater systems. With the latest in surround sound technologies, a proprietary digital room equalizer, and an exceptional preamplifier section, the Showcase processor extends the KAV Series' tradition of Krell engineering and affordability to a new generation."
Compaired to the Meridian 568:
  • better ergonomics (front panel)
  • more in/outputs
  • front display hard to read
  • has room EQ but hard to configure (do it yourself)
  • offers all the new dsps/standards

TEST Tag McLaren AV192R2003-03-22

AV192R front
Our newest toy to play with... the Tag McLaren AV192R.
This fully equipped version even has DVI-switching, nice...

Chair renovation... first row2003-02-05

chair 1 chair 2 chair 3 chair 4
We thought our chair might look nicer without the awful paint they had.
Scraping the paint of is a very time consuming task, but we hope it will be worth it...

replaced dvd-rom with liteon ltd-166s2002-11-23

Liteon dvdrom
  • DVDROM maximum Data Transfer Rate 21600KB/sec(16X) pure CAV1
  • CDROM maximum Data Transfer Rate 7200KB/sec(48X) pure CAV1
  • Average access time DVD Ø100 ms ; CD Ø80 ms
  • Access all format DVD-ROM/R/RW ,CD-ROM/R/RW title & disc
  • Auto Balance System (ABS) design reduce vibration & noise
  • Standard ATAPI/E-IDE interface supporting Ultra DMA/33

Tice PB III C Power conditioner installed2002-10-19

After 4 days of work we've now installed our new (directly imported) Tice PB III C Power conditioner and "Infinite Speed" power cables. After break in we expect a noticeable improvement of audio quality and detail.

new dimmer2002-10-18

telume Main lighting now with the versatile "Lutron Telume dimmer"... (LEDs provide light level reading at a glance - advanced technology reduceds noise and ensures reliability - delay to Off time adjustable up to 60 seconds - capable of controlling up to 500watts load - can be opperated via most learning remote controls i.e Marantz & Philips Prontos via downloadable .ccf files)

beamer hushbox upgrade2002-09-07

Opening and closing the beamer housing for maintenance has always required a great deal of energy. Only with the help of 4 strong people, 2 tables, some ladders and nerves of steel were we able to lower/lift and position the 50kg/100lbs box! But now have a solution that is much easier and only needs 2 people... Cello built two very durable angel irons with hinges. We carefully screwed them to the back of the box and into the ceiling. The result is fantastic... after taking out the main fixation screws you can now flip open the whole box.

TEST Tice PB3 power conditioner2002-08-30

Tice pb3c We're currently testing this power conditioner and were astonished at the audio quality boost it makes! Since this is the "HighPower" version it can provide a total of 4200W over 14 sockets which is enough for our setup. We're really thinking about getting this solid piece of equipment, if it just wasn't for the $2900 price tag...

black cloth to darken ceiling2002-08-30

black cloth After reading a tip in avsforum about optimizing picture black levels: "If you are really serious about getting the most out of your CRT, make every surface in the room as dark as possible" we decided to enhance our setup...

Nintaus Firmware update...2002-07-18

First working firmware update available for the Nintaus PDVD-9769.
features of the new firmware:
  • The zoom function on PAL-discs is locked (probably because it couldn't be fixed).
  • The Picture controls is much better now! You can increase "edges" two-three steps without the image becoming totally disrupted like before. The player remembers these settings when switching disc!
  • overall image quality improved (opinion "dasithlord")
Problems not addressed:
  • mpeg glitches and audio dropouts (can be solved by replacing drive)
  • vga shift bug
  • bad step forward
  • subtitle instability

Selling of code 1 dvds prohibited in Switzerland (1. August 2002)...2002-07-10

anime sale at UOE The picture shows a rather large anime dvd order I just received from my favorite swiss dvd-shop. They're having a huge region 1 dvd sale because: As of the 1st of August it is prohibited to sell/rent region 1 dvds in Switzerland. It is still allowed to privately import them from USA/Canada. The rule is part of the copyright law: "Das Werkexemplar eines audiovisuellen Werkes darf nur weiterveräussert oder sonswie verbreitet werden, wenn der Urheber oder die Urheberin es im Inland veräussert oder der Veräusserung im Inland zugestimmt hat"... meaning "visual art may only be shown/processed if the copyright holder releases it in the local market or gives the ok to do so". It is unlikely that the right owners will allow the selling of region 1 dvds. By changing these rules Switzerland is complying with European regulations. There were announcements that some big companies that still sell imported dvds will be prosecuted in order to scare others off. Also imports could be confiscated at customs. PC Mediag Gmbh, a big distributor in Switzerland has already terminated the selling of imports.
I guess it back to direct imports for me and many others :(

Nintaus modification!2002-06-16

nintaus mod After reading Swordfisch's post in AVSForum about replacing the bad dvd-rom I had to try it myself! I took my old Creative 2X drive (1997) and hooked it up to the standard IDE interface. I played one dvd after another without the usual mpeg glitches :) After over 8h of perfect playback I asked my friend if he might be able to do a permanent replacement.

We've upgraded our htpc...2002-06-01

ATI Radeon 7200

Spacewalker AV18e


- desktop atx full size case
- Spacewalker AV18e atx celeron mainboard
- boxed Celeron 1000 256kb cache, 100mhz bus
- 128mb pc-1xx sdram
- ATI Radeon 7200, fanless
- Creative SB Live Platinum coax/opt spdif
- Asus 8x atapi dvd-rom

- Win98
- Zoomplayer 2.6 final
- ATI 7.6 cinemaster video
- WinDVD 4.0 DD/DTS passthrough audio
- ATI video driver build 9016!
- Resolution 720x480 @ 71.9Hz

new cables for LCR...2002-04-01

Transparent Reference We've upgraded the left, center and right channel speaker interconnects:
left/right speaker from Link 200 to "Reference"
center speaker from Link 200 to "Super" (balanced)

Sony IFB-112002-04-01

Sony IFB-11 I made some scans of the Sony IFB-11 Service Manual...
- main description
- jumper layout
- jumper description

Nintaus has arrived...2002-03-26

Nintaus 9769 Nintaus 9769 back Nintaus 9769 top
Nintaus PDVD-N9769...
- supports: DVD-Video, CD, Video CD, CD-Rom (MP-3), CD-R
- output: Progressive-scan Component/VGA (480p)
- Sage/Faroudja FLI2200 de-interlacer

I imported this player directly from (china) because it's one of the few player that support progressive VGA output. The current firmware has various bugs (mpeg glitches / bad step forward etc).

Dates from China to Switzerland: ordered 02/16, shipped 03/21, received 03/25
Total costs: player was $225 (hivizone), postage was $87, tax/customs was 85CHF (about $50)

recabling of center speaker...2002-02-01

center speaker Cello wasn't happy with the standard cables used in and to our center speaker (Genelec 1038ac). The main cable between the amp and case was 10m long (low quality connectors). The wires inside also had a small diameter. So he ripped them out, removed the external plugs, took some good monster cables, added new amp connecters and soldered one end directly on the 4 chassis. What a difference it made! Until then mono dsp always sounded dull and flat, but not anymore... it's like having a better speaker!

more used components...2002-01-01

rack3 rack1 rack2
Here you can see a rack full of used components. We took out the s-vhs player, the trinitron monitor and the 1271 video switcher (anyone want the rest?)

from 5.1 to 7.1 speaker setup2001-11-02

We have now added side speakers to our setup. Pans from front to rear and circle surround sequences are much better. Music also benefits from a 7.1 configuration by filling the room with ambient sound.

New Meridian components...2001-11-01

568 568 details
The 565 has been replaced with a 568. This brings the following features: DTS decoding, DD EX, Pro Logic II. Most important to us was the vastly improved bass management that allows you to specify the sub behavior in Music, Logic and Digital mode. The sub crossover can now be adjusted in single Hz steps. This processor definitively has a more spacious sound field and offers even more detail than the 565. It's fully PC configurable and makes software/firmware updates a pleasure! Fantastic system...

Changes between 1999 and 2001...2001-08-01

Over the years we've been upgrading our system, here you can see some of the changes...
box rear
We built a wooden box around the beamer (9" Sony 1292) because of the noise it causes. The old software shelf was moved to the back of the room. I built a new and bigger shelf for the main titles.
front cabasse
Here's my friend cello taking off the cover of my "new" old main loudspeakers (active "Cabasse Brigantin 3 VTA" built around 1975). They look pretty strange but sound very good!
Our equipment is now in a used 19" rack for easier recabling! We put in some wood to fill out the empty spaces.

Our stuff from top to bottom:
- center amp [genelec 1038]
- video switcher/doubler [sony]
- surround processor [meridian 565]
- audio input switcher [meridian 562]
- cd transport [meridian 500]
- dvd player [sony dvp-7700]
- ld/dvd player [pioneer DVL-700]
- s-vhs recoder [jvc]
- dvd htpc [homemade, mpact2 mpeg decoder]
7 of the 8 chairs we got from a cinema in Basel...
anime main
On the left the "anime" shelf with about 290 discs.
And on the right the "hollywood" shelf that can hold 700 dvd (about 280 used)

The beginning (November 98 - February 99)1999-02-01

In November 1998 my two friends and I were (very) lucky to find a unused cellar for our Home Cinema. It's about 7m long, 4m wide and 3m high.

First of all we had to move out all the tables and chairs that were stored in it. Then we repainted all the walls and doors and put in a pretty cheap :) carpet. We got some nice wooden boards for all of the equipment. The chairs are from a cinema that closed down in Basel. Since we didn't want to have our beamer in the way all the time it had to be installed on the ceiling.

Then I thought we'd be finished at Christmas... but when we tested the sound, there were a lot of echos. After a long time of reading tips about acoustics we decided to ask a professional! He showed us how to make special sound absorbing we got the material and started building. The more we put in the better it got!

By the end of February we were finaly getting finished. Another problem we had was the air in the room. The ventilation system could either be run manualy (very hard) or electricly (380V)...but there was no plug. We had an electrician install a cable from another room.

At the moment we're optimizing the video and sound system and of course: watching movies :)

(On the right: Thuety enjoying...)

old room

old beamer